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Phil’s Turbocharged Kawasaki - Flying Kiwi Motorcycles

Phil Garrett has been trying for 20 years to become the fastest person on a motorcycle in New Zealand.

Phil Garrett has pedigree riding fast, in 2005 he broke the world land speed record for a bike with a side car with teammate Glenn Hayward over a flying kilometer.

Then in 2008 he went out to the famous Bonneville salt flats in Utah and was offered a ride which he says got him hooked on riding fast solo.

“They call it salt fever,” Garrett says.

“The Bonneville salt flats are the widest, flattest expanse anywhere on the planet, it’s a salt lake for most of the year and for three months of the year it dries out to a hard concrete like surface.”

Update: 9.4.21

“We had our first day going for the record today and it didn't quite go as we planned. We had problems with the timing equipment all day and only recorded one successful two-way run by Richard Harcourt who succeeded in setting a new under 100cc record! well done Richard!

We were not so lucky with our Mongrel 1300 Kawasaki which blew a head gasket at about 220km/h and spread oil everywhere including over me.”

Update 10.04.21

“Rob and I have decided that we will not be returning to Ashburton tomorrow, our bike is badly damaged and is in 1000 pieces on my workshop floor with 3 melted pistons, we made a small change to the engine that meant it ran too hot and it cannot be repaired easily. It means that our dream is over for now and we have to accept defeat, it wasn't meant to be this time and as hard as it is to accept, we both know that we have made the right decision.”


The full story can be found on Flying Kiwi Motorcycles Facebook page. So interesting and inspiring.

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