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When it’s your name on the line, it’s critical that you partner with the very best the industry has.

Donald Fraser, owner and chief Engineer of Fraser Engineering chooses Turbo Care because he knows he’ll get “truthful and reliable advice”.

“The biggest fear in any aspect of this game is replacing a component and that component subsequently failing again in a very short period of time,” Donald explains. “So, when it comes to turbochargers, our first port of call is Jarrad.”

“We’ll engage Jarrad and discuss what we’ve found. We’ll take a photo of the identifying number and discuss whether the component’s available or whether there’s a complete unit on the shelf. Then we’ll send the product via courier to Jarrad. He’ll inspect it and get a gauge of whether it’s oversped or contamination or lack of oil feed or otherwise. Often, he’ll very quickly identify whether the component is beyond repair or not and whilst we’re getting the component back and on the vehicle he’ll strip the worn product and give us a diagnosis in the meantime. Essentially, by the time you’ve got it fitted, you’ve got a good understanding whether it was an oil feed issue, an intercooler leaking or otherwise.”

“The most important thing that most people don’t take into consideration when installing turbos is that they are a precision piece of kit. By the time they’re failing, the machine has likely done a fair amount of work and as such there’s many other aspects of this puzzle. The turbo might not be the cause of any of the fault of this but unfortunately it’s the most precision item in this puzzle which is why it’s the one that fails.”

“That’s why having the discussions with Jarrad about the cause of failure are so important is because if we can identify the cause of failure, if it’s oversped, then you look for a boost leak, or you discuss with the client how they’re using it and if you find they’re using it out of range then you make them well aware of the associated risks. Because I’m sure Jarrad and Garry have seen it time and time again where a customer says the turbo’s blown up, but it’s very infrequently that there’d ever be a product failure. They’re a relatively proven item and they’re generally bench tested.”

Fraser Engineering fix and repair all aspects of industry equipment, from utes to trucks, diggers, loaders and even fixed plant and generators – basically anything that’s engine driven, which means they see a lot of turbochargers.

“With a lot of our suppliers there’s a number of people who supply parts and there’s a number of people who can supply back up. Now, it’s all well and good buying the parts off a wholesaler, but if you haven’t got that back up and that knowledge then essentially you’re on your own if there’s an issue.”

“Also, Jarrad and Garry have been in this game for a long time, so they’ll often recommend an alternate or a supersession. There’s an engine called a Toyota 1KD and the turbochargers are prone to sh****** themselves. Jarrad will happily say to ring Toyota because they’re generally cheaper and if they don’t have any stock, I’ve got one. That backing is key – you’re getting truthful and reliable advice.”

“With the industry going the way it is with more computer-aided variable vane turbos, it’s very good to have Jarrad’s support because, particularly with the Toyota engines, there’s a code that comes back as a turbo code. The issue is that although it relates to the turbo, it isn’t actually the turbo at fault. Through the number of turbos that have been pulled off and sent to Jarrad to get checked he knows exactly what the code means. It was to do with an overboost parameter instead of a turbo fault so not only does he support the turbo itself, he’ll often know another issue that’s been identified.”

Fraser Engineering have been using Turbo Care for upward of seven years now. Donald explains how the relationship began and why he keeps going back.

“Probably the main thing that led us to Jarrad is that he eats sleeps and breathes turbos. His passion for the industry means that he will know much more than any other person. It’s his core interest and whether we’re talking about something to do with the job at hand or whether we’re talking about a development opportunity or otherwise there’s always a keen interest. And particularly with his Isuzu engines, he’s second to none with them. We’re finding ourselves in a position where our customers are modifying their turbos, putting bigger turbos on, changing intercoolers and uprating their engine. Jarrad’s key interest is making that engine dance – you deal with him, you get it sorted.”