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Commercial and Heavy Diesel.

Turbo Care NZ supply and repair a wide range of commercial turbochargers.

Our commercial turbochargers are used in the following applications:





Light Marine

Stationary Plant

Our Brands.

We stock and supply all the big brands, trusted for quality and performance!

Our Services.

Servicing, diagnostics and more…

Rebuilds and Upgrades
Turbo Care NZ have the experience and technical expertise to supply and repair turbos for commercial vehicle applications, including but not limited to the following:

  • Bus, truck, campervans
  • Farming Machines e.g. tractors, combine harvesters
  • Mining equipment e.g. dump trucks, diggers and loaders, gensets
  • Fishing, charter and recreational boats
  • Marine and land power generators and pumps etc.

We run a fully equipped machine workshop with the necessary equipment and facilities required to service and repair all makes and models of commercial and industrial turbochargers.

Rebuilding BW K27 Turbochargers

Rebuilding a K27 Turbo System. The pictures below show the process from start to finish. Click on the images to enlarge.

Buying New

Turbo Care have an extensive international network of suppliers for genuine commercial turbochargers. If we don’t have your turbo in stock, we can source one for you usually taking just 3-5 days door to door.

All commercial turbochargers come with our full warranty.

Full after-sales service and support from qualified turbocharger specialists.

Running a Fleet of Vehicles

We can work with you to create a database of turbochargers required for your vehicle fleet. Turbo Care NZ can hold a new or exchange turbocharger on the shelf to limit your down time in the event of a breakdown.

Give us a call today to discuss your business requirements.

Strip and Diagnose

We want to know why your turbo has failed. Turbo Care NZ will diagnose your turbo to find the root cause of failure. This gives you the opportunity to rectify any underlying issues that may be present before refitting your rebuilt or new turbocharger. This ensures the failure will not happen again!

On assessment we can look at improving the turbocharger specification for a more reliable and stronger unit.