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The catalytic converter is part of a complete unit within your vehicle, called the exhaust system.

The catalytic converter is part of a complete unit within your vehicle, called the exhaust system. This line essentially consists of an exhaust manifold, a lambda sensor placed before or after the catalytic converter, and finally the exhaust pipe. 

The catalysis is a phenomenon that consists of accelerating the speed of a chemical reaction 

The presence of the catalyst on your vehicle is an environmental measure. Faced with gas emissions that are increasingly polluting and harmful to health and the environment, it was decided to equip vehicles with this anti-pollution device, In the 1990s. It is important to understand that gases are not eliminated but transformed.

Carbon monoxide (which is deadly) turns into carbon dioxide.

Nitrogen oxide(which irritates the respiratory system) turns into carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

Unburned hydrocarbons become water vapor and carbon dioxide.

The catalytic converter has been present on petrol-powered vehicles since 1993 and on diesel vehicles since 1997. They have been required by law in NZ since 2010 for vehicles first registered in NZ on or after May 1 2010 and manufactured from January 1 1990 where a catalytic converter was originally fitted (exemptions available for motorsport vehicles).

How long will the Catalytic Converter last on my car? 

The lifespan of the converter depends a lot on your driving style and especially on the frequency and duration of your journeys. The number one enemy is under use. If you only drive short distances, your engine will not heat up sufficiently, and the chemical reaction will not take place. This will result in a build-up of the residue in your pot and clog it up. If you use your vehicle optimally, the replacement of this part will take place on an average of 120,000 km, depending on the car model.

When your Catalytic converter becomes blocked you have a couple of options available:

✅ Send the Catalytic converter to Turbo Care NZ for cleaning. This method has proven very successful. 

✅ Replace with a new Catalytic Converter. Turbo Care NZ can supply most makes and models. 

❌ Remove the converter. This option will leave you failing your next WOF and can void your insurance.