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Get a competitive quote for your new turbocharger.

What We Do.

New and reconditioned turbos, parts, servicing and diagnostic work.

Turbos and Parts

Reconditioned and new, turbos, parts and accessories.

Performance Turbos

For all performance vehicles, whether it be circuit racing, street, rally, jet boat, motor or quad bikes, we can specifically match the turbo to your application.

Heavy Commercial

We are suppliers of factory and aftermarket replacement turbochargers on all heavy commercial vehicles.

Passenger / Light Commercial

We are suppliers of replacement turbochargers for passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Turbo Failure

If your turbo has failed, we can strip and assess it. This will give a good indication as to why it failed and how to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

DPF Cleaning

Have your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaned by one of our trained technicians.

Turbo Services.

Turbo Care has a fully equipped machine workshop, capable of handling repairs to all makes and models of turbochargers.

From passenger to high performance vehicles, highway trucks to heavy earthmoving machinery, we can diagnose and repair it all.

Once the turbo has been stripped, cleaned and assessed for its failure, we will report to you with our findings and quote for the repair, before work is commenced. Once the repairs have been completed, the final process is the balancing of the rotating assembly on our high speed VSR balancing machine.

High quality aftermarket parts are now available to repair VNT/VGT (variable nozzle/geometry turbochargers)

All repairs carried out, are backed with our 12 month warranty.

We offer the following turbo services:

  • Full turbo overhauling
  • Turbo matching and upgrade consulting
  • Turbo boost checks
  • Authorised supplier and installer of Safari (Air Power Systems) 4WD turbo kits
  • Independent assessing and reporting for turbo failure
  • Balancing rotating assemblies
  • Diagnostic work
  • VSR Balancing
  • VNT Electronic Diagnosing
  • Flow-bench testing for VGT turbos
  • DPF Cleaning

Services Price List.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for a quote to overhaul, modify or replace your turbo.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning$35 +GST
Sandblasting$49 +GST
Beadblasting$105 +GST
Flow Bench Set Up$120+GST
VSR Balancing$120 +GST

Strip and Assess
This fee is waived if a turbo order is placed.

$95 +GST
Strip and Assess with Written Report$180 +GST
DPF Cleaning
Please call for pricing on light commercial and heavy commercial DPF units.
From $650 +GST


G3 Flowbench.

We can calibrate turbos to OEM spec using our specialised equipment

This is our G3 flowbench which allows us to setup and calibrate all passenger car VGT turbochargers to the OEM factory setting.

Once set you can be assured that your turbocharger will perform correctly when fitted to the vehicle.