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TCR42C Safari/Patrol Performance Turbo

$1,768.45 inc GST

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  • Can be used to replace the factory Hitachi HT18 turbo on the 4.2L TD42 engine.
  • T3 Single entry.
  • V-band outlet.
  • Turbo will support 200+hp with supporting modifications.
  • Ideal turbo setup if vehicle is primarily used for towing due to its quick boost response*
  • Works well on both factory fuel pump and modified 12mm pump setup*

Modifications required to fit this turbocharger:

  • Exhaust dump pipe
  • Turbo orientation dependent on manifold used (re-positional actuator supplied.)
  • Oil feed line
  • Oil drain line
  • Intake hose & compressor outlet pipe


*Optimal turbocharger performance will only be achieved with a re-tune.


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