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Turbo Failure Series

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Part two on our series for failed turbos is going to cover blocked Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) and the damage these can do to your turbo. Recently we have seen an influx of damaged turbos caused by blocked DPF’s.

If you missed Part 1 Foreign Object Damage, last month let us know and we can resend.

At Turbo Care it is optimal to have your turbo in store to strip and assess, to diagnose the cause of the problem where possible. We don’t just sell boxes, we provide solutions. With a combined knowledge of over 35 years, we have seen it all!

Turbo Care run a modern workshop with the latest equipment including ultrasonic cleaning, Blaster, VSR and G3 Flow bench. Constantly keeping up with new technology and best practice procedures and systems.

Watch this space for information coming your way about cleaning your DP Filters.