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Turbo Failure Series

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In this series we will look at the 5 main causes of Turbo Failure we see here at Turbo Care.

  1. Foreign Object Damage
  2. Blocked DPF
  3. Contaminated Oil
  4. Over Speeding
  5. Insufficient Lubrication

If your turbo has failed, it is really important you don’t just go ahead and install a new turbo without finding out why. Typically, we see repeat failures when the cause has not been diagnosed, which can be costly, time consuming and not to mention very annoying!

At Turbo Care it is optimal to have your turbo in store to strip and assess, to diagnose the cause of the problem where possible. We don’t just sell boxes, we provide solutions. With a combined knowledge of over 35 years, we have seen it all!

Turbo Care run a modern workshop with the latest equipment including ultrasonic cleaning, Blaster, VSR and G3 Flow bench. Constantly keeping up with new technology and best practice procedures and systems.