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Turbo Care Installation and Warranty Information

Attention Turbocharger Installer

Be sure to refer to the vehicle manufacturers’ service manual. When installing this replacement turbocharger, the following should be observed.

1. CHANGE THE ENGINE OIL AND FILTER Use only a type and grade of oil which is specified in the vehicle manufacturer’s service manual. Oil additives should not be used unless specifically approved by the vehicle manufacturer.

If necessary, remove the lines to clean or replace.

CHECK FOR AND REMOVE ANY FOREIGN OBJECTS which may be in the compressor inlet pipe, intercooler or exhaust manifold that connect to the turbocharger.

3. IF REPLACING TURBOCHARGER CENTRE HOUSING AND ROTATING ASSEMBLY (C.H.R.A) ONLY after attaching the end housings to the C.H.R.A be sure all bolts are secured and torqued per the vehicle manufacturers service manual specification.

4. BEFORE STARTING, CRANK ENGINE OVER WITHOUT STARTING IT until oil flows freely from oil feed pipe. Connect oil feed pipe.

5. START ENGINE AND ALLOW IT TO IDLE FOR AT LEAST 3 MINUTES. Do not rev engine during this time.


Warranty Information

Turbo Care turbochargers are covered by a 20,000 km, 2000 Hrs or 12-month (whichever occurs first) warranty against faulty parts and workmanship. Failure to carry out any of the above fitting instructions correctly, or any damage from external factors will render this warranty null and void. This warranty does not cover damage or failure of components due to normal wear and tear.

Warranty card must be completed and returned within 7 days after purchase. Failure to do so will render this warranty null and void.

Any claims under this warranty must be reported to Turbo Care NZ before taking any action. Any expenditure incurred without approval will not be recognised.

Do not continue to drive a vehicle with a damaged or noisy turbocharger as this may result in engine failure.

There is NO warranty on turbochargers fitted to PERFORMANCE or MOTORSPORT vehicles or on any parts used in race applications or in products that have been physically altered, improperly installed or not maintained.

Warranty Card

This warranty card must be completed and returned within 7 days of purchase: Failure to do so will render any warranty null and void.

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